Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wood apple and education

One of my favorite slokha which I read in school is about an elephant eating wood apple. Finally found the slokha today and here it is:

 kapitthasya phalam chaiva yathaa kunjara bhakshitam
tasya saaram cha grihneeyaat tathaa havirasam prabhu 

When an elephant eats a wood apple, it consumes just the pulp and leaves the shell as is. Such should be the learning by a student. He/She should absorb just the essence of the 'reading'/lesson and leave the rest.
My understanding : Whenever we learn something we should understand the intent of it and ignore the rest.

However just happened to find an alternate meaning for it too in the web - "Just as the elephant (kunjara) consumes the wood apple fruit along with the shell, but accepts only the core of the fruit, the All-capable Supreme Lord accepts the essence (taste) of the offered food (havir), though He consumes the offering".

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